Here you will find a collection of teacher made resources used by fellow Methacton Special Education Teachers. DON'T reinvent the wheel- search for what you might be looking for and add something new that you have created to help out other teachers! There is a description next to each file and suggested grade levels (however, you may be able to modify the document to meet your needs!).


This weekly behavior chart is customizable and looks at how well the student followed directions throughout the week. It also includes a list of prizes and a recording log. Grades: K-2
This contains a set of reminder strips that include Boardmaker pictures next to each task and a check of box for if the task has been completed (In color and meant to be laminated for repeated use). Included are basic steps for coming into a classroom, reminders for appropriate language, etc. Grades: 2-4

This file contains colorful desk reminder cards ( to check work & what to do if frustrated) and printable teacher "stop signs" for individual student use. Grades: Any

This is a writing reminder checklist you can laminate and tape to students desks reminding them to proofread their work! Grades: Upper elementary

This is a check list reminder for forgetful students at the end of the day. It can be edited to best fit your student's daily requirements. Grades:Any

Grade 3:

This is a collection of some of the 3rd grade below level comprehension checks for the leveled readers (red) books. Grades: 3rd

Grade 4:

Here is a layout of a full year of lesson plans for 4th grade Language Arts. It include how you might use both the Storytown and Strategic Intervention series in conjunction. Grades: 4th

This is a collection of some of the 4th grade below level comprehension checks for the leveled readers (red) books. Grades: 4th

This group of files are vocabulary cards for all of 4th grade Storytown vocabulary. Words are on one side and the definitions are on the other. Each file cooresponds with the weekly Storytown Robust Vocabulary. For some reason Lesson 5 is missing. Grades: 4th

These files contain Focus Skill cards & Weekly Vocabulary in color to post in your classroom! Grades: 4th

Various Grades:
This PowerPoint covers the concepts of Conflict & Resolution. It was made for a 5th grade class, but is appropriate for all elementary levels. It uses examples from popular children's stories and movies. Grades: Any

These are 3 worksheets from a modified figurative language unit for 3rd/4th grade students. They are very basic practice worksheet for after the skills have been introduced. Grades: 3rd/4th

3rd Grade:

Several assessment study guides and student resources for 3rd grade Everyday Math (read the document name for specific descriptions). Grades: 3rd

A collection of math problem-solving worksheets that can be used for progress monitoring. They are directly from third grade everyday math journals. Grades: 3rd

4th Grade:
This is a set of flash cards designed to go with 4th grade Unit 1 Math terminology. I drew pictures along with the definitions to help give my students a visual before copying them onto card stock! Grades: 4th

Social Studies Resources:

A collection of States & Capitals picture books to help students learn the capital of each state and what it looks like! All pictures can be changed to make connections with your students. Grades: 2nd-4th

Some study resources for states and capitals. Grades: 4th